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Client Feedback

"Thank you so much again for the sessions, they were amazingly relaxing and calming, and I feel that I have benefited in many ways, and there may be more benefits still to emerge!"
"The Reiki treatment has definitely had a positive effect on me both physically and mentally. I feel much more energised which has made me more productive and proactive in my day to day life."
"Petra treated me for vertigo and I was surprised how many other issues that she touched on during our sessions, and also uncovered that I had been suffering with anxiety without me realising it - I am happy to say that she helped me with both issues. I can recommend Petra to anyone who is interested in natural healing for themselves or their pets - Petra is very driven and is continually looking out for and studying new treatments/methods and is very warm and professional in conducting her treatments and treatment plans."
"I had never considered Reiki before and would have admitted to being skeptical about the benefits of energy movement as a way to resolve anxieties or take some mindful time out of the day. The energy movement is a feeling that is a bit indescribable, you can sense a calmness that enables you to heal in your mind where you need to and sometimes a tingling feeling of movements. Taking time out to focus on just being has been a real success for me of our treatments to date, by being more able to detach i can manage stress more effectively. I couldn’t have achieved this without Petra’s constant patience and expertise."
"I have had many Reiki sessions with Petra, which have been so beneficial to me, both physically and emotionally. I have also seen first hand her work with troubled dogs, and the difference she has made to them has been incredible"
"The Reiki treatment have helped with my anxiety massively! I was a bit intrigued before I had the treatment. But I would 100% recommend it. The sessions are so relaxing, and the lovely music really sends you into another world almost. Petra, thank you so much x"
"Petra is a genuine, heart-led, calm and brilliant therapist. She is constantly striving to learn more to support her clients and is a font of knowledge. A great intuitive listener."

About Myself

My name is Petra Reiterer and I am a Usui Reiki Master Teacher (Animal & Human), Reiki Drum Practitioner and an accredited Practitioner in Zoopharmacognosy (Botanical Self Healing in animals). Offering a combination of modalities and treatments to suit each individual client.

I have always had a deep love and understanding of animals, having grown up in rural Austria, surrounded by dogs, cats and farm animals.

My path towards my formal Reiki and Zoopharmacognosy qualifications started during my career within the animal rescue sector. I have worked as a Behaviour and Temperament Assessor and Rehomer at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, Wood Green Animal Shelter, Akita Rescue and Love Underdogs. During my career I have gained a great deal of knowledge and insight into dog and cat behaviour, both academically and through an enormous amount of hands on experience.

Having been so fortunate to work at such prestigious rescue organisations, and having worked with so many amazing animals, some with challenging behavioural issues, I started to learn that when I really observed and listened to the animals, I could see that they needed much more than conventional training and behavior modification methods.

I looked for a more holistic approach and started to incorporate essential oils and aromatic waters in to my sessions with some really shut down and unapproachable ex-street dogs. Although I didn’t completely understand the principles of Zoopharmacognosy at that time, the results were amazing. The dogs body language would change, eyes would soften, and even in the challenging environment of noisy rescue kennels, dogs would be able to lie and relax while inhaling an oil. I could clearly see that there was healing on some deeper level going on.

Following the results of this initial work, I wanted to be able to give animals a voice and the choice to help themselves rebalance their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. This led me to the path of Reiki. When I embarked on my training in Reiki and completed a wide range of case studies, I experienced first hand the incredible positive impact this energy work has on my clients - both human and animal alike. I went on to qualify as an Advanced Animal Reiki Practitioner.

My desire to learn and gain a much deeper understanding of how plant medicine works, has led me to my current studies of Zoopharmacognosy, and I will be a qualified therapist in due course. I will be undertaking canine case studies for botanical self healing, please contact me if you are interested in taking part in one of these.

At home we have two rescue dogs called Cooper & Holly, feline Daisy and a flock of ex-battery hens! All of whom benefit from regular energy work and the opportunity to self select botanical remedies.

If you would like to read through my qualifcations and attended seminars/workshops click here

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